This above image shows the color interpolation which look a little off. Need to figure out whats going wrong in it. But once this is

done the next thing i would be doing will be stencil test.

Stencil test is used to occlude the scene by using the stencil buffer which decides which pixels will be written and which will be


This is a flat shaded cow which is an OBJ format which is rendered in my Rasterizer.

For this rasterizer i implemented the following functions-:

  • Vertex Shading
  • Primitive Assembly with support for triangle VBOs/IBOs
  • Perspective Transformation
  • Rasterization through scanline.
  • Fragment Shading
  • A depth buffer for storing and depth testing fragments
  • Fragment to framebuffer writing

The next steps will be implementing the lighting models in the fragment shader and doing some color interpolation between points on the primitive.

Only if  my PC supports me and i do not have a lot of other homework!


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