Path Tracer Running


This is a small 30 seconds clip showing my Path Tracer running.  Some of the important

features that i have added are, refractions and Depth of Field.

Also this is fairly interactive at 7-8 iterations per second. The image roughly starts to

converge at 1000+ frames.



Building on the raytracer now i am implementing a PathTracer with global illumination. Some of the features that i plan to incorporate are-:

  • Full global illumination (including soft shadows, color bleeding, etc.) by pathtracing rays through the scene.
  • Properly accumulating emittance and colors to generate a final image
  • Supersampled antialiasing
  • Parallelization by ray instead of by pixel via string compaction (see the Physically-based shading and pathtracing lecture slides from 09/24 if you don’t know what this refers to)
  • Perfect specular reflection

I also plan to implement few of the following features if time permits.

  • Additional BRDF models, such as Cook-Torrance, Ward, etc. Each BRDF model may count as a separate feature.
  • Texture mapping
  • Bump mapping
  • Translational motion blur
  • Fresnel-based Refraction, i.e. glass
  • OBJ Mesh loading and rendering without KD-Tree
  • Interactive camera
  • Integrate an existing stackless KD-Tree library, such as CUKD (
  • Depth of field

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