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Well yeah now f…

Well yeah now finally i was able to convert the recursive problem to iterative, hence the raytracing has been achieved. Currently i am setting a trace depth of three so that the process stops tracing after three depth levels.

I now a specular highlites and reflective surfaces showing up.Image

Just a quick test render i got from my tracer. I will work a little more on the setting of Anit -Aliasing and DOF.

Next steps-:

Depth of Field


Interactive camera.

I might not be do all the extras but lets see and give it a try !


Ray tracer Progress

Well finally i do have the intersections test working and shadows almost done. This mean i will be having a flat shaded image  with shadows soon.

Things that are left to be implemented are-:



Diffuse shading

Which means next couple of days are gonna be very rough !